Painting your home is one of your most essential maintenance tasks. Along with the aesthetic value painting provides, interior painting protects your surfaces, and exterior painting safeguards the structure of your home by helping to protect it from the elements, all contributing to resale value and maximizing your investment.

Preparation or 'prep' is one of the most critical steps. If it isn't done the right way you will find that repainting will have to be done more often and sometimes the whole paint job can fail. Prepping includes sanding, cleaning, caulking, filling holes - whatever may be necessary for your particular project. The best quality paint can fail due to improper surface prep, so as time-consuming as it is, it's a job you want to be certain is performed correctly.

Updated equipment is essential as well. Topline brushes and rollers, modern sprayers and sanders with dust collection systems all contribute to the efficiency of your painter, minimize the environmental impact to your home and are essential for a lasting finished product, which reduces the painter's costs to you.

Premium primers and paints contain high-quality pigments, solids and binders. When used after proper preparation and applied properly with the right equipment, by skilled, trained professional painters, these paints last longer and provide the best value in the long run.

Your property and personal belongings should also be a priority during painting. Flooring, fixtures, masonry, etc. - anything that will not be painted should be adequately protected. You should be protected personally as well. Make sure your painting contractor carries insurance, both general liability and worker's comp.

The costly part of painting your home is the labor, so it's a good idea to make sure your painting contractor is using the proper tools, the best painters and quality materials for your project so that you are to be sure to have more bang for your buck.

All these attributes are what constitutes a quality paint job. Any competent painter can apply a passable finish. The question is, how will that finish look in two years? Five years? If Blue Parrot Painting completed your project, it would look great!