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Painting Tips

Trust those in the business painting for years to guide you through the process: Blue Parrot Painting

Choose Quality over Cost

You get what you pay for when buying paint, so be sure your painter is using a quality product. The cost of the paint is a small portion of the job, but the costs of frequent repainting will cancel any savings earned by using the cheap stuff.

Opting for quality when choosing your painter will pay off as well. Professional painters paint 50-plus homes yearly. They know how to paint the right way and will produce a lasting job in half the time it would take a less experienced crew.

Take Your Time on Color

If you feel stuck on color choices, use a color wheel to help choose your color scheme or to pick the remaining colors in your room. You won't be using the exact colors the wheel produces, but it can point you in a direction where you feel comfortable. Most people have a three-color scheme and proportion as follows:

60% for your dominant color, 30% for your secondary color and 10% for your accent for exteriors

The same applies to interiors, usually with a dominant color for your walls and a contrasting color for your trim. Or add an accent wall with a dominant color.

Before You Commit to Color

It's important to see how your color choice looks in different lighting. Paint swatches onto poster board (the larger, the better) and move them around the room throughout the day, observing how they look in different areas, how they pair with furniture and upholstery, and particularly next to carpet, flooring and trim.

Look Up

Ceilings are usually painted in ceiling white flat to keep light reflection to a minimum, but painted ceilings are becoming more popular. If you want to add color but are unsure, ask your painter to tint the ceiling paint with some of the wall paint for a cohesive look.

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