This is Matisse, our company namesake.

A Blue & Gold Macaw, he is over 25 years old. Born in the USA and handfed as a baby, he is believed to be of Bolivian descent.

Matisse talks up a storm and can often be heard greeting the neighbors with a distinct, almost too loud, "HI!" He can carry on one half of a phone conversation and has been known to tell himself a stern 'NO!' when he knows he is doing something he shouldn't. He is a sweet parrot and quite gentle.

Matisse's favorite colors happen to be blue and gold and his favorite foods are bananas, pizza, grapes, pecans and walnuts. His favorite past times are giving kisses, swinging in his swing, climbing ropes and destroying his toys.

4450 Arapahoe Ave #100, Boulder, CO  80303

The Blue Parrot

Baby Matisse with a full crop and his first feathers

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