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Category: Interior Painting Posts

  • Don’t Judge Your Paint Color too Quickly

    A client called us recently in a panic, ‘Please ask your painters to stop. I don’t know if I can live with this color.’ The color was a soft blue/gray, not bright or dark. But way out of her comfort zone. She had painstakingly chosen this color, applying several samples to the walls, systematically eliminating different shades over time and finally deciding on the one we were painting. We understood her concern. We’ve been through this before.

    Posted on February 20 2020

  • Blue Parrot Painting’s Go-To Paint Colors

    We read a lot about popular paint colors, interior designer’s go-to colors and client favorites. They’re the top-selling colors at paint stores for one reason - they work.

    Posted on February 20 2020

  • Value and Quality in Painting

    Preparation or 'prep' is one of the most critical steps. If it isn't done the right way you will find that repainting will have to be done more often and sometimes the whole paint job can fail. Prepping includes sanding, cleaning, caulking, filling holes - whatever may be necessary for your particular project. The best quality paint can fail due to improper surface prep, so as time-consuming as it is, it's a job you want to be certain is performed correctly. 

    Posted on February 20 2020